Available Paintings

The paintings below are available for sale.  Please contact me for more images and prices.

Winter sunset, British Camp

Winter sunset, British Camp, 50cm sq

Sunrise from the Old Schoolhouse, Embo

Sunrise from the Old Schoolhouse, Embo, 40x50cms

View from Dana, Mull of Kintyre

View from Dana, 40x50cms

Coral sky, Malverns

Coral sky, Malverns, 50cm sq

Early birds

Early birds, 50cm sq

Malverns autumn sunrise

Malverns autumn sunrise, 40x50cms

Sunshine after the rain, Malverns

Sunshine after the rain, Malverns, 40x50cms

Autumn sunshine, British Camp

Autumn sunshine, British Camp, 40x50cms

Sunrise, Embo Pier

When the stars fell out of the sky

Mystical Malverns

Mystical Malverns, 50cms sq

Storm’s end

Storm’s end, 40x50cms

In our wake, 50x60cms

In our wake, 50x60cms

Tangled up in blue

Tangled up in blue, 50x60cms

Sea Spirits, 50cm sq

Sea Spirits, 50cm sq

Winter Song

Winter Song, 61cm sq

Godrevy lighthouse

Godrevy lighthouse, 50x60cms

Carsaig Bay

Carsaig Bay, 50cm sq

Super Moon

Super Moon, 50cm sq

Seal Bay

Seal Bay, 61cm sq

Gwithian Beach, St Ives

Gwithian Beach, 50cm sq