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Malvern hills firecracker sunset

Be bold with colour!

That was fun. Very loosely based on an autumn sunset I saw when walking on the Malvern hills, coming down Summer Hill looking towards British Camp.

Crystal clear waters off Iona

Crystal waters

Here’s one I’m working on. I wanted to capture the translucent clear water, but stick to my usual style of painting with palette knives and thick paint…

Luskentyre, Harris, oil painting by Anna Cumming

Luskentyre, Harris

About this time of year in 2011, I went to Harris for my birthday. The whole of UK was under a deluge of torrential rain all weekend, but there was a pocket of sunshine over the Hebrides, and we had these beautiful beaches to ourselves.

Rannoch Moor, mid winter. Looking towards Corrie Ba. original oil painting by Anna Cumming

Rannoch Moor

I painted this abstracted scene of Rannoch Moor inspired by a beautiful serene photograph (below) taken by Derek Prescott… Mine is not serene. I just wasn’t in that sort of mood! Photograph courtesy of Derek Prescott.

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